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Some of the Newest Tattoos Done by Kris Howes at InkMaine
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3rd Eye Vision - Get Your Tattoo Experience Made into a Video!  Info Here

InkMaine Is a Tattoo & Art Shop Owned By Artist Kris Howes. 
Opened 08.12.'10. Specializing in Hand Drawing Custom Tattoos, No off the wall Flash Designs here, Just Personal Sketchs & One-Time Use Only Designs and Equipment.  Custom fit to Your Personality, with your Ideas. With over 12 Years Tattooing experience,  Wide variety of styles including Realistic Wildlife, & Floral, Black & Grey, Full Color, Lettering, Etc.
Experienced with Cover-Ups,  Fix-Ups, Covering Scars, & More. 
InkMaine's Piercer Jes, offers Body Piercings as well as a wide variety of Body Jewelry (Surgical Steel & Handmade Organic), T-Shirts, & Other Merchandise to suit your needs.


Need an Artist for Hire?...Services InkMaine Can Provide
Body Art = Tattoos ~ Piercings ~ Dermals & Removal
Body Jewelry = Buy 2 Get 1 Free, Sale Every Day!
Designs & Logos = Drawings, Business Cards, Logos, Gifts, Etc
Paintings = Custom 
Signs, Canvas, Saw Blades, Slate Paintings, Etc
3D Work = Wood Work & Burning, Custom Built Items..

Seeking Clients Wishing to Cover Scars with Tattoos.
Gaskyl Productions is in the process of starting 3RD EYE VISIONS,  (A new way to view your tattoo through a live up close video recordings, layered with time lapse video, photos, & music. Click below for examples) 
-Tattoo Artist Kris Howes feels very experienced with cover up Tattoos, and also covering scars.  Seeking someone to let their scar be covered in a video documentary about the process.   If you have any sort of accidental, surgical, or any type of scar, please submit a picture of it to InkMaine.com. 
Your Scar MUST Follow these next guidelines...
The bigger & more visable of a scar, the better.  It must be fully healed.  You must be 18 years+, comfortable showing the scar(s), talking about the experience, & up close pictures/video of the tattoo process, and must come back for possible touch ups and follow up photos after healing.  Design options are based on client ideas & comformity with covering options.  Price of tattoo will be discounted heavily.
-Large and/or highly noticable Surgical Scar
-Large Accidental Injury Scar
-Burn Scar, consisting of healed wrinkled or porious skin.
-Stretch Marks, Large or Multiple on Biceps & Stomach/rib

If you would like an incredible deal on getting your scar covered,
E-mail multiple pictures of your scar, Reason for scar, possible tattoo ideas, & contact info to

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