- We do NOT pierce infants or toddlers
   ears. Children must be old enough to
   understand the process of what is being
   explained / performed & consent to ear
   piercing verbally. No Exceptions will be
   made to this rul
 - Jewelry - 
We have all of your jewelry needs here at Ink Maine!
Our jewelry is made of 316L Stainless Steel, Surgical Implant Grade Titanium,
Pyrex Glass, or PTFE (BioFlex Plastic), as well as Silicone Plugs/Tunnels.
We have a large selection of Internally & Externally Threaded Jewelry, Cative
Bead Rings, Circular, Curved, & Straight Barbells, Nostril Jewelry, Plugs &
Tunnels, Clickers, Industrial Jewelry, Standard Earring Studs, & More! 

Lobes (Minimum Age 5)
Nostrils (Minimum Age 13)
Most Other Piercings 14 & Up
Some Restrictions on Oral
& Certain Body Piercings

 - Minors - 18 & Under - 
 - Must have parent or legal guardian
   present, Parent/Guardian State ID, &
   Minors Birth Certificate. (If Legal
   Guardian, must provide a copy of court
   documents stating guardianship.)

 - Emancipated Minors must provide State
   ID, Birth Certificate, Court Documents
   stating emancipation. 


Earlobes: (1) $45 (2) $55
Helix (Outer/Flat), Rook, Tragus, Snug, Anti-Tragus, Conch: $45
Industrial & Daith: $55
Foward Helix (Single): $50
Tongue: $45
Frenulum ("Webs"): $45
Lip Piercings (Top or Bottom): (1) $45 (2) $55
Dahlias & Cheek (Dimples): $75
Nostril (Standard) & Septum: $45
High Nostril: (Single) $50
Eyebrow, Bridge, Navel (Top or Bottom): $45
Nipples: (1) $55 (2) $65
Dermals: (Single) $60
Genital Piercings: Pricing Varies (contact artist directly)

- Each additional piercing added in the same sitting is an additional $10 - $15
- All Piercing Prices include Jewelry
- Minimum Price listed above - Price increases depending on jewelry used
- Prices subject to change at any time