- Minors - 18 & Under - 
 - Must have parent or legal guardian
   present, Parent/Guardian State ID, &
   Minors Birth Certificate. (If Legal
   Guardian, must provide a copy of court
   documents stating guardianship.)

 - Emancipated Minors must provide State
   ID, Birth Certificate, Court Documents
   stating emancipation. 
 - We do NOT pierce infants or toddlers
   ears. Children must be old enough to
   understand the process of what is being
   explained / performed & consent to ear
   piercing verbally. No Exceptions will be
   made to this rule! 
 - Jewelry - 
We have all of your jewelry needs here at Ink Maine!
Our jewelry is made of 316L Stainless Steel, Surgical Implant Grade Titanium, Pyrex Glass, or PTFE (BioFlex Plastic), as well as Silicone Plugs/Tunnels.
We have a large selection of Internally & Externally Threaded Jewelry, Cative Bead Rings, Circular, Curved, & Straight Barbells, Nostril Jewelry, Plugs & Tunnels, Clickers, Industrial Jewelry, Standard Earring Studs, & More! 

- Custom Jewelry Orders - 
We now offer the option to order body jewelry. Come browse through our jewelry catalogs. Simply pre-pay for your order and when it arrives we will call you
 - Ink Maine Piercer Jes - 
 I became involved with Gaskyl Productions in October of 2011 & became the Piercer at Ink Maine in July of 2012. I have always had an interest in Piercings & Modifications. Im not sure where it came from or when it started but I do know that the first time I ever pierced myself was when I was 11 years old & to this day I can still hear my mom yelling at me. Not long after I began studying any & everything I could regarding piercings, suspensions, scarification, & so on. Extreme Body Modifications have always fascinated me and my goal is to expand my knowledge & skills to be able to offer some of those services.