Benefit Auctions happen all weekend at FTA!  We collect artwork & auction it off from artists far and wide, as well as the children from the past benefits.  We do a sheet of silent auctions throughtout the day, then live auction off all the pieces at the end of the night starting at 6pm during the tattoo contests.  The funds raised are...

We handpick children in need of art supplies, team up with Michael's Craft Stores, and bring the kids on Art Shopping Sprees!  We also use the funds to support or sponsor kids in sporting events, cheering, & school activities.  We've also helped tattoo artists in time of need, from business fires, deaths in the family, and wherever we see fit to give a helping hand!

Benefit total raised from 2018 = $3,041
Benefit total raised from 2017 = $2,935
Benefit total raised from 2016 = $1,537
    And $1,733 Donated in memory of Mike Perry
Benefit total raised from 2015 = $1,263
Benefit total raised from 2014 = $1,087
Benefit total raised from 2013= $300+/-

-The FTA Benefit Kids Shoping Spree from 2018 FTA
has not happened yet, and will take place in
Jan/Feb of 2019.   To enroll or recomend a kid to
receive the shoppig spree, please email images
of their artwork to the e-mail below, with the subject