Print Set by: Halo & Adam Aguas

Prints by Halo

Prints by Dan Curry

Print by Lydia Bruno

Prints by Larry Hardesty

Prints by Tyler Vercruysse

Prints by Scott Morrison 

Prints by Merv Heiner 

Prints by Tony Ciavarro,
Artist from Massachusetts

Print by Andrew London

Prints by Maximo,
Son of Tony Ciavarro

Prints by Jake Parrington, Tattoo Artist from Mass.  

Paintings by Jamie Jodrie,
Artist from Berlin, NH

Special Thanks to Halo Jankowski and the Crew from Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery!  Every year they donate a stack of prints for our Benefit, and we greatly appreciate it! 

The 2020 Auctions will be held Fri & Sat March 20th, & 21st.  Art to be shown as a silent auction on paper all day, last call and final auction starts at 6pm.  During the auction we do tons of prize giveaways, contests, games and a lot to involve the crowd.  Lots of fun! 

There is also a Viewing?Selling Gallery in the front hall of the exhibit.  Any Artist, involved with the expo or not, can show up to 3 pieces of art at $2 per piece, we do not take a comminsion if they art sells.  All art entered into a Best of Contest.  Art is staffed at all times and locked up at night.  Drop it off, or show it while you browse the expo.  Contact us for questions.

Stained Glass Art, donated by Beverly Soucy, Rumford Maine, River Valley Voice!
-One piece Auctioned each day Fri & Sat.

"Naked Bob Ross on a Unicorn In Hell"  
-Painted and donated by Brent Bachelder, Rumford, Maine Art Teacher. 
-Specifically for FTA#8
 A glitter & blacklight painting that comes with 2 pairs of 3-D Glasses.
-Highlighted Piece auctioned on Saturday

Print by Kelly Doty 

Art on Wood by
Cory Heisson, Tattoo Artist
from Caged
Raven Tattoo