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My Name is Kris Howes.  I started Piercing & Tattooing when I was 18 years Old.  Born 10.27.1983
This is a Bio About Myself & My Carrer as an Artist.  Click HERE to go to see Tattoo Images!

•12 Years+ of Tattooing & Piercing Experience.  (Done Tattoos in NH, ME, MA, NC, CA, GA, FL)
~Opened Licensed Home Studio in Maine, in 2010, Then INK! Tattoo Studio in Aug of 2010.
♣Fully Licensed By State of Maine  (Tattoo/Body Piercing  License #09805)
♦Certified Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate (7-20-09 Security Control, M8897)
•CPR/AED (Adult, Child,Infant) Certificate (7-26-11 Security Control, 214623)
♦First Aid Certificate (08-02-11 Security Control, 216627
    ~All Certificates Through International CPR Institue Inc. 
♣Skin Body Art Course Certificate, (Mass 08-17-11)
•Maine Retailer, Business Code 75  (License Number #1146908
♦One Time Use Only Disposable Equipment used on 100% of Tattoo Equipment,
and all Body Piercing Equipment Except Stainless Surgical Steel Clamps and Tubes.
    ~MostsTools used at INK! come Pre-sterile, Individually Sealed,
    Used once and disposed of according to safety procedures
    ~Stainless Steel Piercing Forceps & Tools are the Only Items Re-Used,
   Ultrasonic Cleaned, Madacide Bath, Autoclaved, & Sealed.

♣Enrolleded in Confirm Monitoring System Inc. to ensure Safe Sanitizatio
Tests Results are done often and posted on the wall for inspection.

• like most people i know and/or meet these days, i got my first tattoo way before i was eighteen.  i did it to myself, with a needle and some thread twisted around it.  little vial of indian ink bought from a local head shop.  sat for hours, just...poking.  years later, "wow, thats stupid"   it's covered it up now, i just want to start with saying...don't be stupid. Get Tattooed the RIGHT Way!

• Just...."Think about it...and for a long time."  i always say to people that look undecided; hang it on your fridge, or your mirror, the fuckin....back of your toilet, who cares just hang it someplace your gonna look not just everyday, but a few times everyday. theres nothing better than certainty.  seeing it, keeping it on your mind all the time, that'll decided certainty, and help you decide whether or not your ready for that Tattoo...For Life.

• i owe me falling into the Piercing & Ttattoo world on two people.  a damn good friend and old bandmate, Tom Belanger.  who bought, taught, and sold me everything from my first guitar, to my first Tattoo Machine.  Next is Wayne Morris, an amazing piercer and friend that for years that has worked at White Mountain Tattoo in North Conway, NH.  He always hooked me up for cheap, and let me follow him to the shop sometimes.

• back in high school i did more sketching than homework, and i don't regret it for one fuckin second.  i got kicked out more times than i care to explain, and seriously the berlin high school system just wasn't  worth anymore of my time.  some people from that school call me an asshole, but some people call me their friend. fuck high school. 

• but eventually, i attended a years worth of private art instruction at Chester College of New England. i can honestly say i learned more in that one year of college than anything i had ever known Artisticly.  blew my mind. small classes, working Artist teachers, amazing students Artists.  i learned how to perfect many things that year, and i owe credit to a list of people, all students and friends.

• during college, i took a break from Tattooing in which i had dabled in, but afterwards got very seriously back into it. the years i Tattooed before college , i would borrow some equipment and do maybe a Tattoo a month, while concentrating on doing many Piercings on a nightly basis.  but piercings just didn't fill that Artist gap for me, so i started focusing on new styles and techniques of tattooing.  began drawing more and more, and soon enough friends turned into repetative clients, then more would follow.

• i left New Hampshire, lived out in California for a couple years and got quiet a bit of Tattoo experience.  But now i work for myself.  i have no boss to pay, so yes, i work for cheaper than most Artists in shops, and i'm happy with that.  why?  i don't go to most shops because i won't pay the prices, so why should i charge those prices?  i won't.  "How much do you charge?"  i hate this question, it's hard.  umm i don't charge by the hour, i charge by the piece.  how much detail, size, colors, it all adds up to a final price.  most shops in the area charge roughly $100/hour, but i'm usually under that.

• after leaving california, i moved into my family house in Rumford, Maine.  spare bedroom was fastly converted in a private Tattoo studio.  didn't take to much to go legit and get licensed, mainly just waiting around for papers to get pushed.  had to put up a wall, and put a sink, hardwood floor, etc.  i wasn't open for business all the time, just by appointment only, but this just wasn't enough work, and i needed more.  soon, i needed my own full time place.  Opened Ink at 72 Congress Street in Rumford.  After being there for almost 2 years, i downsized to a better corner street location only 3 doors down at 58 Congress Street. 

•Just look for the Pirate flag! 

& We have a Full Time Piercer on duty, Jessica Roberts,to handle all of your Body Piercing Needs!