Recommended Cleaning Solutions for Piercings...

 --NeilMed Wound Wash (Sterile Saline Solution) – Do NOT use contact solution as this is not the same!
 --Dr. Bronners Castile Soap (Original)
 --Mouthwash (ORAL Piercings Only!) There are many suitable brands of mouthwash, choose an antiseptic one that
    does not contain alcohol. If you cant find one, you can dilute mouthwash with bottled water (50/50 Mix). 
 **All of these products can be purchased either in our shop, in your local stores, or online**

 Piercing Aftercare...

 ...Body Piercings...
 --Wash hands prior to touching your piercing for any reason.
 --Choose a cleaning solution.
 --Saturate gauze or q-tips with preferred cleaning solution. Carefully clean the “crusties” that form on
    the jewelry. Do NOT pick at them as this can damage the tissue and prolong healing. If you are having
    difficulties removing the build up from the piercing, simply saturate gauze/q-tip and let sit on piercing
    for a few minutes. This should soften and loosen the build up. Repeat if necessary. If using Soap method rinse                  piercing thoroughly with saline or water after cleaning to remove any cleaning residue.
 --Dry piercing site with disposable paper towels by patting gently. Avoid cloth towels which can harbor
    bacteria and snag jewelry causing trauma to the site.
 --Clean Piercings no more than 2 – 3 Times per day (unless otherwise directed). Both under & over
    cleaning can cause issues.

 ...Oral Piercings...
 --Wash hands prior to touching your piercings for any reason.
 --Rinse mouth well after eating, drinking (anything other than bottled water), smoking, etc. Rinse 8-12
    times per day.
 --If piercing is in lip or cheek area, you must also clean the outside using the body piercing method
    above. This should be done no more than 2 - 3 times per day.

 Side Notes for Oral Piercings... 
 --Avoid hot temperature & spicy food for the first week or so. This can increase swelling and cause
 --For tongue piercings...try to keep tongue level in mouth while chewing to avoid biting down on
    jewelry. Dairy products can cause area around piercing site to turn a greenish color. A simple cleaning
    should clear this right up.
 --BEWARE THE FORK!! The slots between the tines can fit a 16 & 14 Gauge piece of jewelry and
    catch it!!
 --BEWARE THE CAN!! The edge/lip of a soda can, can catch the flat back area of lip jewelry!!
--We highly reccommend a new toothbrush be purchased whengetting a new oral piercing to eliminate bacteria
   being introduced in a fresh piercing. This will reduce the risk of possible infection. 

 Other Piercing Information...

 What Is Normal...
 --Bleeding: can last 24-72 hours or longer depending on the piercing location.
 --Swelling lasting up to a week. This can last longer or fluctuate depending on piercing location.
 --Redness/Bruising lasting up to a week.
 --Soreness/Tenderness: Lasting a week or longer. Pain is inevitable with a body piercing.
 --Discharge – White/Clear colored fluid, Lasts a month or longer. This is your bodies natural way of
    healing the area. If the discharge changes color to yellow or greenish, it could be a sign of an

 What To Avoid...
 --Do not clean with alcohol or peroxide as these can damage cells.
 --Avoid ointments as they prevent air flow.
 --Avoid over cleaning which can irritate piercing & delay healing time.
 --Avoid trauma such as friction from clothes, excessive motion of the area, playing with or "turning" jewelry, &
    vigorous cleaning. This can cause scar tissue, delay healing, & other complications.
 --Avoid oral contact & contact with others bodily fluids on or near piercing during healing.
 --Avoid submerging piercings in bodies of water such as lakes, pools, & hot tubs. Showers are better
    than tubs! If you do choose to go swimming or "soak" in a body of water PLEASE have aftercare cleaning
    products on hand to flush and clean the piercing area. This will reduce the risk of infection. 
 --Avoid beauty & personal care products on or near the piercings including cosmetics, lotions, oils, & sprays.
 --Do NOT downsize or change jewelry before the recommended time given by your piercer. This can result in
    complications such as jewelry embedding into the tissue or the piercing site, infection, and more. Do not hang
    charms or objects from jewelry.

 General Information...
 --Leave Jewelry in at all times. Even old & well healed piercings can shrink & close in minutes, even
    having been there for years. 
 --Be sure to regularly check threaded ends on jewelry for tightness. (Righty-Tighty / Lefty-Loosey)
    Carry spare jewelry in case of lose or breakage.
 --If an infection is suspected please see your piercer or family doctor for a course of action. Do NOT
    remove jewelry unless directed by your piercer. Leaving jewelry in during an infection allows the
    infection to drain, removal of jewelry can cause the infection to be sealed inside causing other
 --All piercings can come with a variety of complications. Please have patience & continue the
    recommended cleaning for the entire healing process.