-Cards/Online payment preferred (fees apply) Deposit required for all appts.  

-Please look through door/windows before entering & please wait outside if customers are inside retail area.
   Ask for assistance with shirts/body jewelry/merch, do not handle items without intention of buying. 

-Clients & Artist MUST wear a Mask properly and at all times while getting tattooed, no exceptions. 
   (Brand New Gaskyl masks provided Free to all clients who wish to have one)

-Clients MUST come alone.  There is no waiting area.  Family/Friends making same day appts must wait outside/in vehicle until workspace is sanitized & ready for next appointment.  

-No Food, drinks, bags, purses, jackets, & other belongs will be allowed. 
    *Complimentary bottled water/beverages will be provided.
    *No smoke/outside breaks allowed, no deliveries allowed.
    *Restrooms will be closed to public, for staff/clients only

-You may ONLY bring the following items: Phone, Earbuds, Keys, ID & Payment cards.
-You MUST STOP at the sanitizing table before entering the tattoo workspace.  At this area, you MUST...
   *Wash/sanitize your hands & arms thoroughly.
   *Lysol cloths provided to wipe down your personal items, then fill out client form.
-Tattoo Appointment Restrictions:
   -Must perform social distancing in the shop at all times except during tattoo procedure.
   -Appointments will be limited to 1 or 2 people maximum per day.
   -Fees will be a $100 minimum
   -NO Tattoos will be performed on the head, face, neck, upper shoulder, upper chest areas for now.  

-InkMaine has made the following changes to make a safe environment to work.
   -Moved shop around to allow browsing/movement with social distancing to all points of the establishment.  
   -Dispensers for hands free foaming soap, towel, & hand sanitizer(on order) in workstations & restrooms
   -Purchased new air conditioner and air purifier for workstation.
   -Replaced waiting area (couch, table, chairs, etc) with a featured artist monthly rotating table.
   -Clean aprons, masks, & ppe worn for each client.
   -Disinfect/sterilize the shop workspace, equipment, chairs, doors/handles, counters, bathroom & common areas
   after EACH appointment.    

CLICK HERE to Download Rhonda's Tattoo Pre-Screening Form in a PDF