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hand tattoo skulls and bones INK red eyes skull dripping blood


Skulls & Bones


skull & reaper tattoo face skulls teeth reaper hood spine of skulls mummies demonsReaper & centipede tattoo reaper cape hood skeleton bones skulls skeletal hand blood knuckles

skull with tribal  hand bones independent cross tattoo skull crossbones sword spider web knee cap tattoo  tattoo skull temple crossed mics microphones


  thors hammer with skull celtic skull Indian headdress feather tomahawk

wers flags wings skeleton


Skulls & Blood

 tattoo skull with dripping blood Skull with horns and blood splattering
Get Some Fuckin Ink!
  This is My Tattoo Shop's Logo (Above,  Right)  So important to me, yah...it's on my Hand

tattoo skull brain dripping blood hat tattoo skull brain dripping blood dagger knife bloody stab 

 skull blood & brass knuckles tattoo

Skulls & Flames

2 tattoo artists on one client tattoo of blue flame skull HD
skull & crossbones on fire tattoo

↑  This Blue Flame Skull being Inked on Right Arm, While Dragon being done on Left Arm

Skulls & Bones

•This Spine Piece above was, i believe done in Three Sessions.
•First Sitting, We Outlined the Vertebre just below the hairline, down to pants level.
•Second Sitting, We Shaded in the top half of the Spinale Pieces.
•Third Sitting, Finished Shading Spine. Then Added, Outlined & Shaded the Additional  Bones @ Top and Bottom

Skull & crossbones tattoo on face facial tattoo skulls and bones eye ink maine

skull & crossbones tattoo on foot skull & bones foot tattoos skull crossbones tattoo skull and bones tattoo hanging skull with cracks and 13  
skull & crossbones rest in peace pink bow tattoo skull and crossbones lucky 13 Skull and Bones making Star Tattoo of skull and crossbones
Skull & Rose - "Lucky 13" & Skull (Done on Friday the 13th for $13 Each) - Bones & Skulls!

Skulls & Flowers
skull & rose hip tattoo 

Skull & Roses tattoo cover up chest tattoo roses leaves skull tattoos

Skulls & Weapons
Skull & crossed pistols tattoo revolvers skull fangs teeth tattoos hand tattooing 
skull smashed by hammer tattoo  tattoo pirate skull & crossed swords   knife blade tattoo bloody 13 skull

Girly Skulls
skull & Skeleton key tattoo lower back stars skulls tattoos

Small & Mixed Skulls

freehand tattoo skull knee cap

skull tattoo with top hat and 13 in mouth skull & dying flower tattoo ace of spades card tattoo bulletproof
3rd Eye Visions - Live Videos of Tattoos in Progress.
Click HERE to watch Skull in Claw Hand (pictured above, right)
Click HERE to watch Eggs & Bacon Skull (pictured below, right)


tattoo of skull in spade with bullet hole


& View This Full Back Piece.