*BODY PIERCINGS:  For Prices & info, view the Piercing Page CLICK HERE!

*TATTOO DEPOSITS:  Required for all appointments.   $20 minimum, $100 minimum on pieces over 2 hours.  Can be paid in person, card over the phone, or click & pay through email via square invoice. Deposits are refundable or transferable Only if appointment is canceled at least 24 hours prior to appointment time.  No call or no show, lose your deposit.

*TATTOO PRICES:  InkMaine has a $50 minumum tattoo price.  Only exceptions are for handpoked tattoos, or on special event days.  

   -Kris Howes, Artist & Owner of InkMaine, with over 17 years tattoo experience.  Typically booking anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks ahead, depending on season.  Charging a price based on design/size/color for smaller pieces, or $100 an hour for larger pieces.  Offers a full day rate of $600, includes 7 hours tattoo time with 1 hour +/- prep time.  Offers free touch up sessions within one year of original, and free session time on project pieces when sleeve or large pieces are completed.  

   Rhonda Peart, InkMaine Apprentice, Working as a 5th year apprentice, 1st year tattoo artist.  Currently charging between $50 and $100 per tattoo.  Designs/placement to be approved before booking.  Offers free touch ups.  

*PAYMENT PLANS:  We offer payment plans on tattoos, to be paid off before tattoo sessions are done.  You may come into the shop weekly, monthly, or at any times to make cash or card payments, which will be recorded and held until you have paid off enough to do the tattoo session you wish.   Refunded fully at any time.  

*TATTOO DISCOUNTS:  Basically, the more you get tattooed, the better deal you get!  -Project pieces are an easy and affordable way to get a large tattoo or sleeve done.  Name your theme, a price you can afford, and book appointments at least once a month.  The more sessions you do, the longer of a session you'll get for that set price.  Minimum of $100 per session, but $250 is ideal.  

*GIFT CERTIFCATES:  Available at any time & price range.  Get more than you pay for, Black Friday Deal Only.