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 "Custom Drawn Designs and Original Pieces that Mean Something to  the Client, and the Artist as well!
 I Create Images, and constantly Improve on client's basic Ideas, to make the Ink correctly suit Your Personality.  I think about the Future when Inking, and Corretly use Images & a Tattoo Style that will...
Last a Lifetime, and keep you Satisfied with it for just as Long!" 
-Kris Howes


Kris Howes
-  Tattoo Artist, Piercer, & Owner of Ink Maine 
With Over 12 years Tattooing & Piercing Experience
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2 Licensed Body Piercers
Jessica Roberts & Kris Howes

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THE RULES - While at Ink Maine!

N O...Limitations on Placement
~ Some States or Cities have Restrictions, as in can't Tattoo above neck,
or below the wrist, or feet.  Rumford Maine has No Limitions.

N O ...Persons Under 18 Years can be Tattooed
~ No Exceptions, No Notes, Despite Rumors, Maine Law is 18+ Only, For Tattoos. 
~ Piercing Laws
, able under 18 with Parent Present and with proper ID, no notes.

Ñ Õ...Young Kids in Work Area
~ Kids are Welcome in InkMaine, under constant supervision only!
Not allowed in the Work Area. 
You can't get Tattooed and Babysit at the same time. 
N Ø ! . . . Drunks!
~ Just know when enough alcohol, is enough.  Consider your drinking limit for a Tattoo, the same if you were driving.
If you can't function enough to drive, you can't function enough to get Tattooed.

N O. . .
~Service to anyone We feel should not receive a Tattoo or Piercing...For any Reason!